Why does your website need SEO strategy?

Search engines or you can just say Google serve millions of users every day looking for solutions to their problems or for answer to their questions. SEO will allow you connect with those searchers for your product or solutions and help turn them into customers. By increasing your rankings, you’re increasing your traffic potential. Increasing traffic gives you more lead opportunities. And more leads are more chances to convert those leads into sales for your business.

Mochatouch SEO

SEO is a long-term strategy to increase your online presence and strengthen your long-term sales goals.

Reduce PPC Spend

Increasing Organic Traffic

Permanent Results

Increasing ROI

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Increasing Awareness

What We Do in SEO ?

SEO, like a killer outfit, doesn’t change who you are, but it does make you more visible. And, done well, it will make you visible to the right people. Working closely with our clients, we provide tailored SEO programs that drive attainment of business goals. We dig into the SEO essentials that impact the bottom line, and pair that effort with a modern optimization strategy, benefitting both organic search and user experience. We achieve this, in part, by being data nerds. We dig in, find the hidden gems, and deliver learnings that drive strategies to improve visibility. And to ensure that positive changes are maintained, we work closely to educate and train our clients to be the voice for SEO within the company.

Organic Search

Your digital strategy is wasted if search engines aren’t properly navigating your site. XML sitemaps, robots.txt, canonical tags, pagination tags, 301 redirects, 404 errors, html&css validations etc. There could be hundreds of issues across thousands of pages.Organic search is a term for search engine results that are naturally generated and not influenced by commercial relationships between an organization and a search provider, ISP or other party hosting search results. This is in contrast to paid search results, where prominence on a given platform is purchased by an advertiser as a commodity.

On-Page SEO

In addition to providing full Technical SEO recommendations, we will go page by page of your site, reviewing the content and SEO elements to provide you with recommendations on how to improve the pages online visibility. We work with you to prioritize the pages of your website based on the defined strategy and business goals. This is also when we conduct our extensive keyword research to determine the content optimization and interlinking strategies.

Link Building

Link Building is the complex process of building a network of reputable, relevant links pointing to your website. ,We focus on quality over quantity combined with a strong On-Page SEO foundation to catapult your website’s search engine rankings and maximize your organic traffic. Quality links work to improve your website’s online reputation, increasing your search engine visibility and as a result, your organic traffic. Not all links are created equal and the types of links secured can be the difference between top rankings and getting penalized out of Google’s rankings altogether.

For On-Page Optimization We Focus On

  • URL structures
  • Headings
  • Page titles
  • Images
  • Page copy
  • Meta descriptions
  • Keywords (primary, secondary, systemically related)
  • Page-Level Specialty Markup
  • Page-Level Links (internal and external)
  • Microformats & Rich Snippets

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