B2B Advertising

Do you recognize your audience?

In order to achieve success by creating the right marketing strategy, it is necessary to identify your target groups before starting your B2B marketing activities. Elements should be defined such as the sector of the target population, the impacts of the decision-making and procurement processes, job titles and seniority, the platforms and social media channels they actively use.

Mochatouch B2B Advertising

If you know how search engines work and how SEO plays a role in your website ranking, your next goal should be PPC!

PPC or CPC, stands for Pay Per Click is the cost you pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.
With a true PPC campaign, you will not only decrease your cost but also reach your target audience more quickly and easily.

With our special PPC strategy, we save you from the complex calculations of variables such as research, scheduling and budgeting. We increase your sales and recognition and ensure the improvement and development of results with our analysis process.

B2B Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Research shows that brands in B2B marketing communication have much better results on LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter when compared to other channels. While it’s easy to create a new account on a social network in B2B social media marketing, it requires a lot of effort for it to work efficiently. We focus on the most effective social networks and use the right content for your company in the B2B social media management strategy we create for you.

B2B Content Marketing

Content Marketing

In B2B content marketing, we combine proven and long-standing techniques with the most up-to-date strategies and integrate them into blog and social media posts. We ensure that your target audience notices you and your content in digital media.

B2B Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing

Account- Based Marketing is a part of the B2B marketing strategy we have designed to target accounts that are key to your business. Account-Based Marketing was a strategy that formerly focused on individual customer data, but with our world turning towards digital, this approach has automatically become a strategy that is directed at the target groups with emails, social media ads and retargeting.

B2B Web Personalisation

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is one of the key points of both B2C and B2B marketing strategies. Search engine marketing is especially important for companies with B2B marketing communications. Our team of SEM experts creates and manages the infrastructure and strategy that is necessary for you to reach your company goals and grow your business.

B2B Channel Integration

Display Marketing

Display advertising is part of a measurable digital advertising that occurs when banners are served in a variety of formats. Display advertising, which is different from text-based ads, consists of elements such as images, audio, and video to communicate the advertising message. With this marketing strategy, we increase your brand awareness, influence the decisions of your target audience and make them reach you.

B2B Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices now make up more than half of the web traffic. Mobile marketing is an interactive marketing tool that is used to reach these devices. In today’s world where everyone lives online, we work with all our power to identify and implement mobile strategies in B2B marketing.

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