What is Marketing?

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Many people mistakenly think that marketing starts after a good or service has been produced. The concept of marketing includes processes such as sales and promotion (advertising), but also includes a much wider process. Determining consumer needs and creating products / services for these needs is included in this process. In addition, basic elements such […]

What is Advertising?

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What is Advertisement? All activities carried out for the purpose of promoting and announcing a product or service are called advertisements. Advertising activities that enable information about a service to be delivered to a targeted audience contain persuasive and remarkable elements. Advertising, which is a mass communication tool, is a non-personal mass communication tool, although […]


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What is HubSpot? Hubspot is marketing automation. This automation has given a new perspective on inbound marketing that guides the digital processes of companies. it has combined all marketing, sales and service activities in a holistic platform with a new order. HubSpot is software designed in 2006 to help companies develop and implement inbound marketing […]

What is CRM?

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CRM can be defined as building customer loyalty and profit-oriented steps by providing a personalized customer experience. CRM, which covers the entire life cycle of the customer, is basically a marketing strategy. Like other strategies, it’s a way of thinking and management aimed at creating brand value, increasing profits and building reputation. CRM, whose key […]

Building a Brand

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Building a brand is the first stop of a company’s roadmap from the foundation phase. Building a brand strategies underlie the successful rising of the product or service to be offered. For this reason, brand building activities take the first place in marketing efforts. Nowadays most basic step to becoming a successful company goes through to create […]

Choose Your Target: Generations X, Y, Z

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A quick glance to marketing history will reveal that it moves forward with generations and their trends. Directors mostly make their decisions by analyzing these generations in the marketing process. Due to generations and the movements following them, all the needs in the marketing process becomes more transparent. Millennials—Generation Y and Z have already started […]

What is Mocha?

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Not Marrakesh, It’s Mochatouch We are Mochatouch! There were times when we were called Marrakesh or even Marathon… We figured if we can’t make our name clear, we can’t make ourselves clear at all and thought to combine the story of our name with the flavor of Mocha. As Mochatouch team, we are six and […]

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